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Patient Testimonials

Sometimes it’s nice to know that there are people who are really happy and really satisfied with their hearing aids.

Patient Submitted Stories

The nicest thing in life is just being understood and accepted. My son and I have always felt that way with Jean Couchman as his Audiologist. We started with her when he was only 2 years old and even now when he is nearing 32 years of age she has fitted him with high tech hearing aids that have made a remarkable difference in his life. He has actually been hearing everyday sounds that he has never heard before! Along with bluetooth capabilities his hearing world has opened up even more. If you are looking to feel comfortable, improve hearing and get results go see Hearing Solutions because you will never be sorry. My son's hearing loss was neurology from birth and is a profound hearing loss. I on the other hand have had good hearing until mid forty when my inner ear was no longer conducting the sound and my hearing was greatly affected. Jean has fitted me with hearing aids that sound so natural to me that I forget I am wearing them. I was able to finish a Bachelor degree program in college and never missed a beat in my work environment! Things like this can not really be measured or thanked enough"

G. Allen

“I have been going to Jean since I was 2 or 3 years old. Jean will spend lots of time to find the right kind of hearing aide for you. Not all hearing aide work for everybody and she will take tons of time to find the right kind for you. I update my about every 7 years and technology has been improving every time, it’s unbelievable how it’s improving. Jean and Lori at Hearing Solutions always make you feel warm and welcome like family. I strongly recommend to call Hearing Solutions to improve your hearing.”

T. Allen

“I've known for almost 3 years that my hearing was declining. I knew I was asking friends to repeat bits of conversation. When I had a grandchild with me in the front seat of my car I had to remind them to turn & face me when they spoke instead of speaking straight ahead. One Sunday, in church, where everyone usually speaks softly, I asked a friend seated next to me to repeat what she had said. I asked her to repeat 3 times! That was the final straw. Another church friend had told me about Jean & I made an appointment the next day. What an absolute joyful experience with Jean & her welcoming staff. My Phonak aids are rechargeable & so lightweight that you can forget you're wearing them. I think vanity played a part in my delaying so long to address this. I always thought aids were those big, bulky, and very visible plastic devices that everyone can see. These aids drape from behind the ear & are just not visible. And ladies, you can select a color that coordinates with your hair color! I'm proud to wear them & encourage friends to "try & find them" as I pull my hair away from my ear. They always say "I can't see them”!! If any part of my testimonial applies to you then I encourage you to contact Jean at Hearing Solutions!"

M. Joyce

“Jean and the team at Hearing Solutions changed my life! Five years ago I realized that I was frequently asking students to repeat themselves. This was not an acceptable situation in an elementary classroom. With a referral from my family doctor I ended up at Hearing Solutions. Jean tested my hearing and determined that I did have hearing loss and we found just the right hearing aids to help me. My life has improved in and out of the classroom since then. Thank you Jean!”

B. Blandford

“I have had my hearing aides for six months now and I couldn’t be happier. Jean patiently waited until I was ready and then helped me to make the best choices for me. . I decided to purchase the rechargeable aides and I am so glad I did. I plug them in each night and don’t have to worry about batteries.”


“I have been going to Jean Couchman for almost 30 years now and I really cannot say enough good things about her! She will work with your budget and offer financial assistance through other programs you may not even be aware of. Jean makes sure that you hear to your best potential and makes everyone feel right at home when in her office. She can diagnose your hearing lose, suggest the best device/ hearing aid for you and adjust your hearing aids perfectly. I have 30% low frequency hearing lose and Jean truly has made my life much easier having this disability. If you live near or far, are unsure or know exactly what you want – call Jean!”

B. Meade

“For years, my husband refused to get hearing aids although he and I both knew he needed them. It is hard to let go of a large amount of money at one time. After much coaching, he finally relented and was able to be fitted with hearing aids. It has made a big difference in both our lives. I no longer have to ask him to turn down the TV. He speaks more softly and is much more engaged in conversations. They have made such a positive difference for both him and for me. Jean has done a wonderful job for us as well as providing hearing services for my mom for many years.”

P. Moore

“I investigated several hearing aid companies before selecting Jean Couchman at Hearing Solutions. I found Jean to be very knowledgeable and professional in helping me make a good decision about my hearing loss. My Phonak hearing aids are software compatible which allows Jean to fine tune them to adjust for better sound quality. I would highly recommend Jean for all of you hearing issues.”

B. Thomas

“It’s been two years since I purchased my hearing aids, and the addition has changed my life. I was always turning up the volume on the TV and catching only portions of a conversation. Jean Couchman is thorough and analytical. She explained how everything worked, and made me feel at ease with my new change. She is always there for follow-ups too. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs a hearing solution.”

S. Barber

“I had almost given up being able to hear again, when I read about hearing solutions. I made an appointment and it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. I am hearing things I have not heard in a long time. Jean and Lori are the best. They do not sell a product they enable a life of hearing I never thought I would have again. Thanks Jean and Lori for giving me back a wonderful life of sounds.”

L. Bennett

“I have been a patient for several years now and have always been treated warmly and respectfully by Jean and Lori. During that time, we have had warranty issues arise and Jean has gone out of her way to make sure my interests were protected and that I remained a satisfied client. I am!”

G. Holmes

“I really dreaded getting a new hearing aid, but this exceeded my expectations. Jean is a very caring person.”

H. Robertson

“My daughter said “what happened Mom, you can hear! I said, I certainly can! Thank you Jean!”

D. Eppes

“Thanks Hearing Solutions, PLLC your testing service and equipment are the best. The Phonak hearing aids work perfectly. The service provided by your office is exceptionally great. I can now hear things that I had no idea I was missing! Again, Thank you!”

- R. Smith

“My hearing ability has never been better. No more feed back to annoy others. All this was given to me with the most professional and compassionate service.”

J. Nixon

“One year ago, I told my medical doctor I was having difficulty hearing out of my left ear. She sent me to audiologist Jean Couchman for an evaluation. I have had a delightful experience under her care. She told me it is unusual to have a hearing loss in only one ear as I do. She was very thorough and explained everything to me. Today, one year later, I went back for a check-up and things are going quite well. I get so many comments on the fact that my hearing device can hardly be seen even though I have very short hair! Many of my friends haven’t noticed it.

If you are having hearing difficulties, I recommend Jean Couchman at Hearing Solutions.”

C. Eells

“I would like to thank Jean for making my renewed hearing experience a real pleasure. Jean makes the testing and fitting of the hearing aid easy. If you are having a hearing aid problem Jean is the person who can really help you. She takes the time to make sure you get the proper hearing aid for your hearing problem and your budget.”

G. Pearce

“I was in denial at first, but Jean took the time to work with my hearing loss and find the best technology that fit into my budget. Jean goes above and beyond to help her patients.  I can’t say enough about her.”

 J. Hague 

“I really did not realize how much I was missing in conversations, both at work and socially, especially the first word in sentences and the last of a sentence when a person’s voice tends to trial off. Working with Ms. Couchman at Hearing Solutions PLLC, has been delightful.”

R. Eanes

“I love the one on one time that Hearing Solutions, PLLC provides, your not just a number.  I would highly recommend Hearing Solutions PLLC, to anyone who is looking for a place where your treated like family.”

 M. Williamson

“I have been wearing a hearing aid for some time in my right ear, when I decided to upgrade, Jean thought I should try two Oticon hearing aids, to experience optimal performance. The first thing I noticed while wearing them was the sound of music. I thought I had lost the ability to hear music as it was really meant to be heard. I mentioned to Jean, “music really sounds beautiful now.”

C. Wilson

” I had almost completely stopped watching TV because I could not understand so many of the words even though the volume was turned up. Now with the Icom I can hear everything and enjoy TV again. My husband enjoys it too because I don’t have the volume up so loud. I can also talk on my cell phone hands free, which is very nice.”

 D. Roberts
My hearing loss was gradual, typical of the aging process. Prior to my retirement, I was a publishing executive with a staff of more than 50 people. As was my practice, I met with my key staff each morning for our morning briefing, usually in my office. Those briefings became increasingly stressful largely because I found I was asking staff to repeat themselves as I was unable to fully understand what they were saying. I found the ladies to be particularly difficult to understand. I knew they were speaking, even answering my questions. Unfortunately, I found I was missing more and more of our dialogue. Staff meetings in conference rooms were more challenging. I found myself carefully positioning myself in the center of the room, preferably near the meeting organizer. I was fortunate to be able to work from home a couple of days a week. It was common for the briefings or larger staff meetings would involve calling over conference lines. Over time I thought I would be forced to forgo my teleconferencing. I simply could not track the exchanges between staff, often missing the que that I was being asked a question. Totally embarrassing. Totally!

This led me to seek help.  Hearing Solutions and Jean Couchman were my salvation.

It is not my practice to write testimonials. My experience with Hearing Solutions and Dr. Jean Couchman are the exception. Jean and her staff are sensitive to the uncertainties associated with facing hearing loss. If the hearing loss were not enough, there is the unfortunate stigma associated with wearing hearing aids and accepting the “aging” process. Overlay all of this with the challenge of one’s image in the workplace. Staff at Hearing Solutions immediately put me at ease. They are professional, helpful, and thoughtful.

Let me assure you – one of the most important things you can do for yourself is restoring your hearing. You truly do not know how much you have been missing.  It is not a question of turning up the volume. In my case, my perception of what I could hear changed from “dull” to “bright”, from “flat” to “fully dimensional”, from “muddy” to “clear”. If sound could be described in terms of color, it is the difference between classic black/white movies and technicolor. Same basic content with an entirely different sensory experience.

Hearing loss is central to who we are as a family. About the time I was beginning to realize my own issues, my grandson, Christopher, was born with profound hearing loss. It took a little over a year for doctors to confirm there was indeed hearing loss. The extent of the loss took another year to 18 months to diagnose. Christopher will not be able to learn speech but is learning to communicate with American Sign Language (ASL). His parents, his aunts, uncles, and cousins, his grandparents, and his little brother are all learning ASL because it is so important to us to be able to communicate with him, to be an integral part of his life and he in ours.

Why do I share this with you? Whether I realized it or not as my own hearing loss became more acute, I was increasingly isolated. Of course, it was not of Christopher’s magnitude. It was a subtle thing but nevertheless true. For me the solution was a simple one – be tested and fitted for hearing aids. It seems to me to be no different than being fitted for glasses as my vision changes with age.

I can now hear magical things such as birds chirping to the beginning of a new day. I can now hear practical things such as the tea kettle water coming to a boil ‘before” the alarm whistle takes over. I can now hear, and understand, the sweet chatter of my grandchildren at play.

Jean Couchman and the folks at Hearing Solutions have made this all possible for me. If you are experiencing difficulties in hearing, I strongly encourage you to reach out to Hearing Solutions. It could change your life.


--S. Harris