Hearing Solutions, PLLC, we have a hearing solution for you

In America we now have 40 million people of all ages with hearing loss, half under age 65! For the majority, both young and old, there are solutions to help. Yes, hearing loss is a hurdle, but you alleviate that hurdle once the first step to seek treatment is taken.

There are tremendous advancements in hearing technology that offer features and accessories for your specific needs and budget. You will be able to experience confidence in your communication while in noisy environments along with improved understanding when you are on the phone and or watching TV.

“Most of our patients feel like they can understand conversation in quiet surroundings. It is the noisy, reverberant, distracting environments where the hearing loss diminishes the ability for our brain to process speech effectively for communication. It can be very frustrating.” said Couchman owner and audiologist at Hearing Solutions. Hearing aids are digital, wireless and virtually invisible. “We have more sophisticated sound processing than ever before,” said Couchman. “These devices are programmed to automatically adjust to give you the best comfort and clarity in your most difficult conditions. All you have to do is wear them and enjoy your listening!”

For those who want more flexibility with their devices, we offer the latest technology that allows you to turn your smart phone into a remote control- providing more function for busy lifestyles. Hearing devices may provide relief for tinnitus with available features often at no extra cost.

Couchman has been fitting hearing aids for 35 years. “Although technology continues to advance, basic patient needs remain the same,” she said. “They want a provider who is professional, honest, and personable so they can make an informed decision. Just buying a hearing aid without follow-up care often is not the answer to improving your hearing. At Hearing Solutions, your hearing loss is managed as a long term process for maintenance of your devices and changes in hearing needs.”

Here is what our patients have to say:

“The audiologist and the fine tuning knowledge is far more important than just the quality of the technology.”
– P. Breil

“My hearing loss was from birth, so I have been wearing hearing aids all my life. The new technology is profoundly sophisticated. Jean has a strong commitment to fine tuning my hearing aid and keeping up with my hearing needs.”
– K. Brewer